Fla3 is the smartest and most luxurious bio fireplace available today. Driven by the latest technology, it combines the elegant beauty of a traditional fireplace with a new approach to modern innovation.
This unique, intelligent solution allows you to create an infinite line of fire by connecting multiple units that can be controlled with any smart device activated by a Wi-Fi system.
If that is not enough, the FLA3 can also be connected to any Smart Home system that offers the ultimate in design, safety and comfort.

– Usage time: 10 am maximum
Burner 790mm – 4L capacity – 5781 €
Burner 990mm – 5L capacity – 7134 €
Burner 1190mm – Capacity 7L – 8548 €
Burner 1490mm – 9L capacity – 10455 €
Burner 1990mm – Capacity 12L – € 14637
Burner 2490mm – Capacity 15L – 18573 €

Forma options:
Front, left corner, right corner, three-sided, tunnel, room divider.

Price included the Forma + Burner.