Galio corten (GÁS)




Galio Corten is a linear gas fireplace that creates a warm and unique atmosphere in all outdoor spaces. Its unique design and portable form creates convenient use and a beautiful real fire.
Made with weather-resistant materials, a fireplace brings style and elegance to residential and commercial outdoor spaces throughout the year.

Allows complete customization of size, shape and style.

In addition, Galio Corten offers flame size control and compatibility with any Smart Home system. Optionally, you can equip a fireplace with a wifi module and conveniently control or use your smartphone.

There are two versions:
– Manual Galio Corten: 1140 mm x 500 mm x 320 mm – 1476 €
– Galio Corten Automatic: 1140 mm x 500 mm x 320 mm – 1845 €