Prime Fire in casing



Prime Fire is the ideal solution for those looking for an advanced bioethanol fireplace, as it creates an environment of real flames in a contemporary interior.
In fact, the main advantage of inserting Prime Fire is that it can be installed in many different ways, depending on your preferences and the design of the project.

In addition, this fireplace can be operated via the control panel or the remote control, which allows you to control the device without getting off the couch!

As we care about your comfort, Prime Fire does not require a chimney or any other type of extraction, in fact it can be installed in places where it was thought impossible to place a fireplace. This is possible due to the patented BEV (Burning Ethanol Vapors) technology. Not only does it guarantee maximum safety, but it also allows you to enjoy natural flames without smoke, smell or ash.

700mm – Maximum usage time 7h – Capacity 2L – 3013 €
1000mm – 6h maximum usage time – Capacity 3.5L – 4428 €