This Electric Fireplace Studio Electr. Verve heats your room in charge of your remote control. With two adjustable heat settings and four levels of flame brightness. It will create the perfect atmosphere for every situation. Just plug in your Fire Electric Verve Studio and instantly enjoy the inviting brightness created by our unique LED flame effect technology.

The Studio Electric Verve comes with a White Stone removable fuel bed effect, so you can select a minimalist contemporary effect without the fuel bed or a more natural look with the White Stones.

The Studio Electric Verve comes with graphite finish. For those who want to add a touch of color to their space. Gazco has introduced a range of vibrant new color options specifically designed to complement. The stylish and contemporary shape of the Verve Electric Studio mounted on the wall. Whether it’s to liven up your living room, brighten your room or even highlight your hallway, the four striking colors will draw attention and bring the wow factor to your interior space.


Option 1: 1320x640x155 mm 1725,00€
Option 2: 1520x640x160 mm 1880,00€
Option 3: 1900x640x194 mm 2530,00€